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Classic Movie Scene, American Graffiti Police Car Gets Rear End Ejected!

There are certain movies that all car guys should see, and near the top of everybody’s list is American Graffiti, a series of vignettes that capture the last night of summer for a group of local teenagers and how they grapple with going their separate ways. Chock full of classic American iron and plenty of iconic scenes that have been borrowed throughout the decades since it’s release.

This particular scene, which depicts a prank of epic proportions that we’ve all wanted to try at some point or another, was used in the remake of Gone in 60 Seconds several years back. While the victim in the American Graffiti scene is a pair of local officers waiting to break up fun going down on the strip, the Gone in 60 Seconds remake used the stunt to help heroes Memphis and Kip Raines immobilize gangster and rival thief Johnny B and his car full of thugs.

In both films, a cable is carefully and quietly attached to the rear end housing of the intended target, then there’s nothing to do but wait. When the victims are enticed to try to drive away, the cables are pulled tight and the rear ends are ripped out form under both cars in spectacular fashion, leaving them both unable to continue their pursuit. If you haven’t seen either of these movies, we have to strongly suggest you watch them both, preferably tonight, as they are both iconic films full of awesome hotrods!



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