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Classic Style with Modern Grunt! Duramax Swapped Crew Cab Square Body!

If you take a look across the broad scope of the automotive community, you’re bound to find all sorts of different tastes to accompany all kinds of different enthusiasts. Sure, some people might be more comfortable to try to reach a little bit further to go out there and try new things, putting together different combinations that could prove to be more exciting in the long haul, bringing together new examples of what can possibly be done with a little bit of a good idea and the right abilities to back it up.

This time, we check out a situation where someone tried to get a little bit creative, taking out their talents on their truck as they took an old school square body Chevy pickup truck and gave it a new heart amongst a whole slew of other modifications. It’s really something that you have got to see to believe as this old school ride is so clean from top to bottom that you could practically eat off of it. When you can throw in the fact that it has an LBZ Duramax Diesel engine at the center of it all, this ride is almost too good to be true!

Follow along with the video below that will take you through the ins and outs that make this truck a pure monster all the way to its core. Be sure to check in with the video down below and be sure to listen in to a chat with the owner as he describes exactly what sets this one apart from the pack. What are your thoughts on this modern engine heading to an old-school platform to do this sort of old meets new mashup that has truck enthusiasts quite interested? Are you behind this kind of merge of the generations?


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