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Classic Suburban Meets Modern LS Power to Make Ultimate SUV Hot Rod

These days, we’re fortunate to live in an age where high-performance is very accessible. As the days roll on, we find that more and more horsepower is making its way to factory performance vehicles. With this in mind, we also see that every day horsepower is getting even cheaper.

For example, these days, building a 500 hp engine is almost as simple as snapping your fingers. Back in the day, 500 hp would’ve been a complete monster. There are a whole variety of engines that make this sort of power straight out-of-the-box as well. For those who wish to modify, a couple of simple modifications to a junkyard application would easily do the trick.

Another thing that we notice about today’s automotive lineup is that even bigger vehicles are receiving a lot of power. That’s right, with examples out there like the SRT lineup of Jeeps, we find that even SUVs come with performance power. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case back in the old days, though. While machines like 60s Chevrolet Suburbans looked pretty cool, they didn’t really make much power. They were functional for what they were designed for which obviously wasn’t going fast.

However, these days, thanks to people who love to tinker, we have seen some pretty neat old school creations meet modern power. This time, we take a ride with an old school Suburban that is getting a little bit of LS love.

With the crew over at AutotopiaLA, we get to tour a Suburban that is paired with an LS3 that oozes perfection. Inside and out, this thing is about the ultimate combination of modern meets classic. Some components really allow us to reminisce and others provide upgrades where they are much needed. We absolutely love it when one of these old school meets new school designs is able to come together so well.


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