Clear Valve Covers Show Off Your Engine’s Internals To Stop The Show

With something like clear valve covers, you’d think that we would be featuring ...

With something like clear valve covers, you’d think that we would be featuring some sort of hot rod show car that doesn’t have to do any heavy lifting. After all, with something like this that seems to function only as a showpiece, it doesn’t have any place on a race car that’s trying to squeeze out every last bit of efficiency and reliabiliy, right? This time, that simply isn’t the case as this racing machine features such a set of valve covers and it’s a ton of fun to watch! These things really make the engine bay pop as you can see all sorts of movement within!

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The subject at hand is none other than one wild racing machine that features a set of Lexan valve covers that let you peek inside of the heads to catch the rockers in action! For someone who has never really wrenched on a vehicle, this could be a unique opportunity to get a look at something new. Being able to see the valvetrain rocking away is nothing short of a big deal as it really gives everyone an idea of how hard that internals are working.

We can’t tell if these are just a one-off creation that’s not really tested to the fullest extent of reliability or if we will be seeing them in cars all over the place soon, but one thing is for sure, we can’t stop looking at them! Check out the visual treat in the video below and tell us what your take is on these odd engine additions. I’m not sure that this kind of modification is for everyone but for those who choose to go this way, they’re certainly one way to single-handedly stop the show and make people point and stare! Would you sport them on your car?

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