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In-Cockpit Funny Car Crash

This video from the races on July 25 -27, 2014 give you an inside look from the drivers point of view in this funny car race.  Watch closely as the driver in the right hand lane crosses over the center line at Northland Dodge Motorsport Park’s Rolling Mix Concrete Raceway, Prince George, BC Canada. The driver loses control and crosses over the center line clipping the other car and sending it flying down the track on 2 wheels before crashing his own car  into the wall..


Luckily for the driver in the left lane he was able to pull it out and finish the run, but not so lucky for our camera mounted driver.  Watch the action in slow motion as he hits the other car and you really see how close this was to being really bad.  The driver of both cars were able to walk away from the crash and did not need hospitalization.