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Comedian Does Impressions Of Different Drivers, And They’re Hilariously Spot On

When we get behind the wheel and head out to the roadways, it’s important to pay close attention to what you’re doing because there are all sorts of different drivers out there. Unfortunately, not everybody can manage to be the focused driver who just pays attention to the road and makes sure that no accidents happen on their account. The inverse is actually true as it seems like there are a lot of people who are angry drivers or distracted drivers who seem to want to look down at their laps with their cell phones more than they want to look at the road which can cause some pretty hectic situations.

However, these two cases of the driver aren’t exactly where the different subsets of automobile operators stop. Instead, there is an entire variety of different folks who get behind the wheel with some being better at piloting their car or truck than others. Some of these drivers are downright crazy and, in order to really grasp what some drivers are like, this parody master does an impression of a couple of different people who you might run into on the road and, as you keep watching, you’ll definitely find that more than one of these stereotypes is somebody who you may have encountered while just moseying along and minding your business while behind the wheel. Heck, maybe some of these stereotypes even apply to you!

If you follow along with the video below, you might be able to get some laughs and maybe even a little bit of truth. After getting the opportunity to watch this one, be sure to chime in and tell us which of these stereotypes most applies to you. Are you guilty of any wrongdoing while you’re behind the wheel or are you one of those picture perfect drivers who might as well have a halo hung above your head?