Comedian, Gabriel Iglesias, Has a Surprisingly Expensive Car Collection

For most of the normal people in the world, we can only sit back and dream of what we ...

For most of the normal people in the world, we can only sit back and dream of what we would do with millions of dollars. For Hollywood’s elite, though, they get the opportunity to actually live that life. There aren’t too many of us who can spend a couple of million dollars on a collection of Volkswagen Buses. However, if we ask comedian, Gabriel Iglesias, what his fix is, it is these old-school Volkswagens.

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Gabriel a.k.a. “Fluffy” enjoys the platform so much that he has even created his own personal museum to house the buses. In what he calls the “Fluffy” museum, we see all sorts of different Volkswagens. Honestly, up until this point, we didn’t know that the VW Bus came in so many different varieties. Certain pieces are much rarer than others and naturally, Gabriel has his favorites that really stand out to him from the rest of the collection. It seems like he has invested some time into really learning about the intricacies of the platform.

This time, the folks at Business Insider take us through the collection that’s valued at around $3 million. The layout of the collection is even designed to imitate the Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg, Germany. Gabriel says that he keeps staff on hand in order to keep all of the vehicles maintained as well as doing some restoration work.

We all have our preferences and it seems as if Iglesias has really found a sweet tooth for the bus. In fact, as far as we know, this might be one of the most extensive VW Bus collections in the entire world. Sprinkled in, we find a couple of other different vehicles that Iglesias has decided tickled his fancy over the years.

However, none of them are as prominent as the number of VWs.

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