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Comparing The 2020 4Runner TRD Pro to a 2007 V8 4Runner

When comparing vehicles, it’s interesting to take a look at their lineage. For example, if someone were looking to purchase a 2020 Toyota 4Runner, maybe considering an older one could be in the cards. After all, depending on the age gap, there might be a substantial difference in price.

In this example, we take a look at a 13-year gap in production that is almost always certain to offer a big price jump. Are the features offered up worth it to spend the extra money, though? On the other hand, is it smarter to just save some money and go with the older model? It could, after all, have all of the features that a buyer is looking for without the extra expensive frills.

When looking at these two different SUVs, the 2020 seems to be almost an entirely different animal. Naturally, the model has gone through several different steps to get where it’s at. In 2007, the plethora of electronics that we see today simply wasn’t available. In turn, everything from styling to materials used has evolved in a big way. This might seem a little bit obvious but we can say with confidence that some models and manufacturers have made bigger jumps than others.

When it comes to the things that most consumers would look for in this model, though, does the newer truck deliver? With a vehicle like this, we would tend to think that folks should be looking for functionality over comfort. However, completely forfeiting comfort doesn’t seem to be a part of the equation, here.

By following along with the video below from ThrottleHousewe get to see exactly what both of these trucks have to offer. Does the new 4Runner live up to the high reputation that the model has held through the years? It’s time to find out where Toyota has kept or shifted their priorities.