Completely Broke? Making a Boat Out of PVC Could Get You on the Water in NO TIME!

When it comes to going out on the water, it always seems like a great time. Those who ...

When it comes to going out on the water, it always seems like a great time. Those who have done it will usually attest that boat ownership has some pretty exciting high points. However, what is also included in this world is generally a pretty hefty price tag. If you look hard enough, there are definitely deals to be had. On the other hand, when considering maintenance and upkeep, things can end up tallying up a pretty decent price tag.

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This time, we dive into one of the methods of getting on the water. This particular method might just be the most budget-friendly imaginable. If saving money is the main goal in your sights, this could be the project for you! For all intents and purposes, this could even serve to be a neat vessel to create for someone who already has a bigger boat.

Creativity is at a maximum level here. Essentially, what our creator here does is re-creates his very own version of a dinghy. However, instead of bumpers on the sides, it’s made almost entirely of PVC pipe. There aren’t many vessels out there in the water that have been constructed after taking a single trip to a hardware store. This one, though, can brag that accomplishes just that.

When combined with a simple and also cost-effective 42cc 2-stroke engine, the tiny boat is put in motion. After all, if you’re going to be the king of the river, you can’t be bothered with using pesky oars. The fact that this simple creation is able to support a motor really has us interested in seeing how it all pans out.

By following along with the video below, we get to see how the project comes together. For those looking to create one of these bad boys themselves, this video should have all of the details necessary from start to launch.

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