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Concrete patch gone wrong

Sometimes, when you look at a situation, you just have to accept that it’s one of those days and move forward, accepting that whatever bad thing just happened is the way that it is then trying to do your best to fix it in the future. Some of these issues might be started by such easily prevented steps that can make them even more frustrating, essentially taking one small issue and turning it into something that’s giving you a massive headache as it spirals out of control. That’s exactly what we are looking at here and the entire thing was captured from above on camera for us to be able to witness.

On a construction site, every last piece has its very own place. With something like barricades, obviously, they should be placed properly in order to prevent people from taking on situations that they aren’t equipped to handle that could potentially injure themselves or do damage to property. This time, however, the barricades in question are set to the side, not doing much of anything when they should be preventing people from entering the area pictured here that has wet concrete that’s setting up to dry.

If you follow the video down below, you’ll watch in on an unsuspecting motorist who ends up plowing straight into the concrete, sinking their car and creating mayhem. Afterward, it looks like the driver ends up being pretty upset and has every right to be. There definitely should’ve been something blocking off the wet concrete but after the fact, you just have to look at the situation and shake it off, trying to move forward. That’s definitely not a place where anybody wants to be and it had to do some damage to that poor car that’s going to have dry concrete flinging everywhere for the foreseeable future.