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Confrontational Boyfriend Catches Girlfriend in YouTuber’s Lamborghini

In this day and age, with the way that you see people acting, it wouldn’t be a shock to see anybody act in any particular way, no matter how unexpected it might seem at first. In this one, we check out a Daily Driven Exotics vlog as they’re out in the streets with a car that naturally is going to gather a lot of attention. As you can see, the Lamborghini manages to get together a small crowd of people on the side of the street and even as everyone is dispersing from the car, more people are heading toward it to see exactly what the machine is all about. Naturally, when you take a high dollar exotic car into the streets, it’s designed to get people to look at it. Duh!

At first, it looks like it’s just a couple of fellows who have made their way from the bar who are interested in the vehicle. However, as time continues on, a young lady decides that she wants to come over and check out the car for herself. Everything is going well and she even asks the guys to take a picture of her on her cell phone to document the moment that she was hanging out in this miraculous machine.

However, when her boyfriend head over to the scene, things begin to get weird as jealousy takes over and he gets very confrontational about the situation. It doesn’t even look like the guys, who were holding their own conversation, were paying the girl much attention but that’s not what her man thought!

Follow along in the video below that takes you to the scene of the moment where the overreaction of the year comes about. Without even doing much of anything, our narrator here gets a little bit of a threat to break his new camera – not cool, dude! I’m not really sure in what world something like that is appropriate but, apparently, a little bit of misguided jealousy went a long way to spark such a reaction in this scenario. Heck, if my lady were over there checking out the car, I’d probably be checking it out right alongside her!


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