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Convertible Aerodynamics at 1000fps – The Slow Mo Guys

When it comes to YouTube duo, the Slow Mo Guys, they have armed themselves with a high powered camera and set out into the world to find different experiments that show us scenes in such a way that the naked eye could never see under its own power.

From shattering Pyrex glass to playing with random blobs of liquid, they tackle a lot of different and obscure scenarios but this time, we’re able to check out something that is a little bit more applicable to the real world that comes in the form of testing a convertible.

Now, when engineering a convertible, the idea is to have the majority of the outside elements avoid the occupants, whether those elements be wind, rain, or something in between. This time, with the help of a BMW 2-series, we’re able to see exactly how well it’s able to deter a simulated rain storm.

Check out the video below that showcases the liquid dynamics of a BMW as it blasts through the fake rainstorm at over 100 mph. Will the shape of the car be able to launch the liquid overhead or will the people inside get soaked? There’s only one way to find out.