The Coolest Bus Ever? Rolling Coal And Roasting Tires On The Way To School

When it comes to riding the school bus, it’s probably an experience that most ...

When it comes to riding the school bus, it’s probably an experience that most kids are wanting to get over with already. Sure, it might be a convenient ride at that age, but you’re raring and ready to get your license in full swing, ready to show that open road what it is that you’re made of and get behind the wheel for yourself to get that right of passage that allows you such a feeling of freedom that we all remember so well. The bus is something that everybody remembers being a part of but wasn’t exactly the coolest thing to do in the world, especially when all of your friends were pulling up to school in their very own rides.

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This time, however, we check out the bus that the kids might not exactly want to get off of, especially if the driver in question is driving like the clip that we see here. This thing really seems like a cool machine to make your way to school in, especially when you consider the fact that it spools up that turbo while shredding some tire and spitting out black coal while it does a toasty burnout, all the way to making every single kid in school wish that they could be a part of this school bus riding experience. I know that I would be completely okay with it if my high school bus riding experience was replaced with this wild ride.

If you follow along in the video down below, you’ll be able to get a ride on this magic school bus that really puts just about every other bus on the road to shame. Sure, it might be a short bus but we think that this short bus is pretty darn awesome. Both myself and some of my peers probably wouldn’t mind wheeling this bus around on a regular basis. Check out this stellar example of a yellow bus and be sure to tell us what you think of a machine like this and how you’d feel about putting your kids onboard to get that quick ride to school the morning.

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