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Cop Sends Patrol Car, Goes Airborne, and Then Lands On a Pickup Truck During Pursuit

Cop On Police Chase Sends it, Goes Airborne, and Crashes

In many jurisdictions, there is some sort of rule of thumb or regulation about police chases. While some don’t have official written rules, we’re sure that the severity of the offense of the suspect will have something to do with if the police pursue or not.

For those wondering why this is, it’s because things can escalate in a hurry. Many might not consider all of the possible options. However, the most unexpected situations can come to light in these sorts of scenarios. Should an innocent bystander get in the way, the chase wouldn’t have been worth it at all. Obviously, taking out innocent bystanders is never worth chasing down a fugitive.

This time, we check out one of those freak accidents that shows us why high-speed chases aren’t always all that common. It came to life in front of a cell phone camera that was rolling and captured the entire thing.

Via the local CBS Affiliatewe learn the chase started around 8 PM this past Sunday in San Bernardino. The driver in question is said to have failed to yield to a police officer and the officer gave chase with other officers.

A cell phone video shows one of the officers involved industries hitting a bump and losing control of the police cruiser. The SUV ends up launching into the air at a high rate of speed. As it comes down, a shower of sparks emerges before the SUV goes sideways. The vehicle was absolutely destroyed as it veered off of the road and slammed into a parked truck.

From what we have gathered, the officer was luckily able to walk away from the situation uninjured. The suspect did manage to get away, though. In addition, we’re told that the suspect hit at least one other car while in the pursuit.