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How Do Cops Actually Catch Speeders?

When it comes to properly operate our vehicles on the highway, sometimes, it can be easy to let the speed get away from us. With all of the open road right underneath of our foot, letting that speed creep up can come and go without being noticed. Now, we aren’t recommending speeding or anything like that but it certainly happens to the best of us. Hopefully, for someone who manages the creep up over the speed limit, they bring it back down before finding the radar detector of a police officer who is looking to write them a ticket. That’s certainly never a good time.

This time, we actually have a police officer who’s going to dive into the nuances of how police seek out speeding vehicles. After all, we know some of the measures that they take to clock vehicles but what is their actual routine like? Are there certain police officers who spend their whole shift looking for speeders? This information gives us the inside line on what exactly is going through a police officer’s mind when they’re getting ready to find somebody who isn’t obeying the law. While we do have a love of speed, it’s definitely better that drivers don’t speed in excess as it’s dangerous on public roadways.

When we ride along with the video below, we get an interesting perspective on how exactly police officers go about completing this aspect of their job. While this one gives us some keen insight into what a day in the life looks like, we think that perhaps, for those looking to avoid a ticket, it might be better to just not speed. That would definitely be a good way to avoid being slapped with a fine, for sure.

Remember to be sure to drive safe out there!