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Cops Are Encouraging You to Drink, BUT NOT DRIVE!!!

If your goal when you go out on a Friday or Saturday night is to throw your entire future away, then drinking and driving might just put you on the fast track.

Let’s face it, putting yourself in a situation like that isn’t good for anybody, including yourself, and the San Diego Police Department is out and about, encouraging people to stray away from that bad decision.

By offering free breathalyzer tests and showing off a car that was involved in an ugly DUI crash, the hope is to make people think twice about getting behind the wheel.

This is the first of this that we’ve seen and we have to say that it’s quite an innovative approach to one of the deadliest problems on the roads today.

Check out the situation below and tell us what you think of this method. Do you think that this will help some people make better and more informed decisions?