Cops Chase Civic Type R in NYC

Some reckless kids running from the police here.  Watch as these fools flee from the ...

Some reckless kids running from the police here.  Watch as these fools flee from the police in a Honda Civic of all things.  They speed off running red lights and stop signs without hesitation. The problem with this is not running from the cops, but rather a family could have came from either direction of the lights he ran and ended their lives as they were driving home dinner. The act of running from the police is never a smart thing but when you start putting innocent people possibly in danger that is where we draw the line.

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A great way to get yourself messed up if you are not careful. They blow through this stop light without even slowing for a second. I think the cop gave up because he did not want these guys to kill someone.

Here is another questionable video: Turbo street bike runs from the cops, and gives a 101 lesson on how.

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 9.49.38 AM

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