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Things Get Super Awkward as Cops Find Out They Pulled Over Their Drunk Superior

Things Get Super Awkward as Cops Find Out They Pulled Over Their Drunk Superior

When it comes to police officers and dealing with other police officers on duty, we’ve heard that they tend to give a bit of courtesy. Sometimes, though, there are certain situations where no officer is going to be able to turn the other cheek. These days, since the implementation of body cameras, the way that policing is done has completely changed.

Allow the Awkwardness to Commence!

On April 27, 2018, a couple of officers were put in a rather awkward position. After receiving a call about an erratic driver, they would eventually pull over a Chevrolet Silverado. The driver was far past the legal limit and needed to be taken out of the situation. What they didn’t know until they approached the window, though, was that Lieutenant John Chew was behind the wheel. He would act as superior to both officers on the stop.

It’s not hard to imagine how this would create quite an awkward situation. With a blood alcohol content sitting at 4½ times the legal limit, letting the Lieutenant go would be wildly irresponsible. Even if they did want to try and help out their colleague, it would have all been captured on the body camera. We don’t exactly think that we need to spell out how catastrophic footage showing such a situation finding its way into the public would be.

The Fallout

The path was clear as the awkward situation would result in the Lieutenant getting arrested. He wouldn’t go down without a bit of back-and-forth, first, though.

After the situation in which Chew showed some resistance, he would finally accept the arrest. The entire thing was caught on camera and would eventually make its way to the public eye.

He would soon after be placed on administrative leave in 2018. Chew told The Press of Atlantic City that he retired April 1, 2019. From what we understand, he is also required to spend 12 hours per week in an intoxicated driver resource center.

This got awkward real quick!

These cops get put in a really awkward position when they find out who they've pulled over

Posted by Officer Daniels on Thursday, December 19, 2019


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