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Cops Return Shopping Carts In Hilarious Fashion

For those who weren’t aware, and we certainly were not, the average shopping cart found at pretty much any store can cost up to $250 per cart! We most definitely had no idea that we were pushing around that much money when getting groceries last time. With that in mind, store owners probably get a sick feeling in their stomach every time that one of these things disappears. After all, it seems like folks sometimes have no issue wandering off with the property that isn’t theirs. There have been preventative measures put in place but it ends up being even more expensive!

For those who don’t have such technology, they’re left at the liberty of hoping their customers are decent people. For this particular store owner, it just turned out that they would be in luck! The local police decided to do a little bit of cleaning up and collecting carts. To do a little bit of a good deed and help out a local business, these two Slidell police officers decided to bring back a collection of stolen carts in a most hilarious fashion. Just imagine rolling down the street and watching a police car towing shopping carts behind it.

Check out the video below as they use their police cruisers to tow back the carts and film the entire thing with one of their dashcams. The entire experience is topped off with some quite appropriate music that we think will make for a chuckle. It’s small acts like this that can really bring a community together. For most, something like this might not seem like the biggest deal. However, for the shop owner losing money, they were probably eternally grateful for the effort! We’re just grateful to be able to see the funny viral video of it going down!