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COPS Swarm LA Car Meet With Their Guns Drawn…

If you’ve ever been to a car meet, you might be familiar with the struggle that is oh so real when you head to your gathering and the police end up pushing you from one spot to another until sometimes, you’re forced to give up the action altogether. At times, they definitely have a good reason to do it because that one guy just insists on acting out, but regardless of if it’s warranted or not, having to move from spot to spot and just find out that you’re going to get kicked out again can be a pain. Usually, with this dynamic, it’s not long before meets fall apart.

This time, we ride along with Daily Driven Exotics as Damon is able to head out to Los Angeles to check out the local car culture. As you know, LA is something pretty unique with how they decide to have fun with their automobiles, putting on things like sideshows that really testing the limits of what exactly people will do at an automotive gathering. As the cars slide around in the streets, putting themselves and spectators in adrenaline filled position, you can begin to feel your heart racing, regardless of how legal the act is.

If you check out the video below, you’ll be able to see how it all goes down as the DDE crew ends up going around to several meets and getting involved with the police. At one point, a gun is drawn to make things get more dramatic. As you can probably imagine, we would recommend just checking out this one from the sidelines or maybe even behind the screen because from the looks of things, some of the participants here get a little bit rowdy and out-of-control. There’s no telling when one of the sideshows is going to go wrong and a participant is going to drift a little bit too wide and take out some legs like we have definitely seen in abundance in these kinds of situations In the past.