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Corvette Obliterates Rear Tires on Dyno, Destroys Back Half of Car

Corvette Obliterates Rear Tires on Dyno, Destroys Back Half of Car

Sometimes, just when we think that everything is going right, a wrench is thrown in and the gears. Perhaps, the situation surrounds purchasing a new Corvette. After buying the car, maybe it’s time to do a little bit of modification. Everything is going smoothly, right?

From the caption that we see with this video, this particular Chevrolet Corvette is capable of 1000 hp. We aren’t sure if that is arbitrary or not but that’s a pretty good chunk of change if it’s a real number. Regardless, having the money to purchase a newer Corvette along with getting it dyno tuned in and of itself means that things are probably going pretty well. This is where that pesky wrench comes into play.

In this particular situation, we join in with a Corvette that apparently didn’t have the tires to meet its power needs. If this thing is seriously upgraded, it looks like it might’ve needed something better than whatever rubber it was wearing. Maybe the rubber underneath the Corvette was just so worn out that it didn’t want to live on anymore. No matter what way we slice it, the result is the same. Once that tire decided that he didn’t want to live on past today, things would get pretty ugly.

By following along with the video below, we watch the final moments of the tire as it absolutely erupts. This thing wasn’t a simple flat that leaked air, either. Instead, the tire decided to shoot rubber in every direction, taking out everything in sight. This means that the whole rear passenger quarter panel of the car is now in hundreds of pieces. Even if this driver has a good insurance policy, we aren’t sure if it’s going to cover this mishap! Situations like these are why practicing dyno safety is of the utmost importance.


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