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Corvette Z06 Ride Along Gone Incredibly WRONG

There are lots of spooky things that come about on Halloween, ghosts and ghouls that threaten to take your life occupy your thoughts, but in this one, we check out the scariest real life monster of them all in a cammed out Chevrolet Corvette Z06 that boasts neck-snapping power.

Ride along as YouTuber, BigKleib34, takes his girlfriend out for a ride in the Z06 that guarantees to throw you back in your seat. Somewhere along the way, this one offers up a plot twist that you most certainly weren’t expecting.

The first ride along has her talking about how she thought that the car would actually be fast but afterwards, the true abilities of the heads and cam setup is shown off.

Check out the action from the conveniently placed cameras in the flick below and tell us what you think of the results of the instant hit of torque that turns out to be a lot scarier than it sounds.

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