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Corvette ZR1 pushes fully built Evo X to its limits out on the highway

One of the beautiful things of building and racing a car is that no matter what you like, there is a little something something for everyone that can compete in a variety of different competitions on a variety of different levels. This time, we get a taste of some of the big boy action.

When a Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 sporting some tasteful mods heads out with a fully built Mitsubishi Evolution X and a Corvette z06 six boasting 740 hp at the rear tires on an all motor set up, things get real.

As one of the comments on the YouTube video puts it, “It’s videos like these that make car guys want to spend more money.”

That observation couldn’t be any closer to the absolute truth. We can’t help but want to crack open our bank account as we watch these insane screaming beasts ripping through the streets.

At first, we thought that the Evo blew up from the amount of smoke pouring out of the back – he was pushing his ride that har! However, a couple of folks chimed in stating otherwise.

Check out the street racing action in the video below that shows these high horsepower monsters going head-to-head in a battle that you won’t soon be forgetting. Just wait until the Evo owner gets the opportunity to turn up the boost yet again!