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Corvettes C6 Z06 Street Racing Action

Corvettes C6 Z06 Street Racing Action

We both know and respect the Chevrolet Corvette, no matter what generation is lining up. There’s just something about the American sports car that makes us all jittery inside. This time, we check out a C5 Z06 and a few C6 Z06s duking it out for bragging rights. When a group of the everyday supercars gets together it’s always quite the show and this time is most certainly no different.

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In this video, we’re interested to see how differently modified cars are able to keep up with one another and if the cam is able to bring the C5 up to par with its younger, more hip brothers in the C6s. Do you think that any of these cars could use the driver mod? Only the video will tell, so roll the tape maestro!

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