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Could A Salvage Twin Turbo ACR Viper Really Be Worth $111k?

Sometimes, when you’re shopping for a particular car, you may be held back just a little bit by how expensive said car might be. Perhaps, you’re shopping around and maybe you have your eye on a model that might just be a touch out of your price range but if you were to look into the cars that have salvage titles, you not only would be able to drop down the price of every car you’re looking at to find yourself within your budget but you also could be potentially getting a better deal as well. After all, with some cars, even ones that were totaled for one reason or another, the difference might be unnoticeable to most people, however, the price savings is certainly something that most folks would be able to pick up on.

With all of this in mind, it might be natural, when you see a car up for sale that has some of these qualities, to question what’s up with it. After all, there are tons of cars that fall into this realm and a lot of them look the same. However, some might be complete junk that you’re not going to want to deal with and others could potential candidates to add to your very own garage. With resources like the Samcrac YouTube channel, it might be just a little but easier to help yourself to distinguish between the two.

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll get yourself into an ACR Viper but not just any ACR, instead, one that has had a substantial amount of modification with the twin turbo setup. However, the dealership that now has it is asking $111,000 to recover their investment in the car and, we’re sure, to add a little bit of a margin on top too. However, Sam seems to be a bit skeptical, as usual. By checking out what he has to say about the car, you’ll be able to dig into this one to yourself and arm yourself with a little bit more information should you ever want to tackle a purchase like this one.

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