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Could a Passenger Land a Commercial Airliner With Professional Radio Help?

At the risk of sounding like a complete psychopath, I have to admit that sometimes, on an airplane, my mind might wander. While sitting in my seat and observing the other passengers, it can be easy to wonder what might happen. What if somebody loses their mind and decides to jump out of the emergency door? What if the pilot passes out and can’t continue the flight? What if… you get my point.

In the event that the pilot does go out of commission, how likely is it that a plane in flight will make it to the ground? Let me rephrase. How likely is it that a plane in flight will make it to the ground in one piece?

Upon first glance, we might think that the odds probably aren’t so good. Assuming that nobody else on board knows how to pilot a plane, things could probably get rather hairy.

However, that won’t stop the people on board from making an effort. You can bet your bottom dollar on that. In fact, we would probably argue that there isn’t much that brings people together like imminent death. Figuring out a solution would be the one and only priority. Is there any chance that it could possibly work, though?

This time, we tune into the Captain Joe YouTube channel to find out just that. Now, obviously, nobody is going to put an amateur behind the controls of an actual airplane. However, using a highly advanced flight simulator is the next best thing. Obviously this isn’t going to have the stress of the real-life situation. It could give us an indicator as to what might unfold, though.

By following along with the video below, we get to watch as the amateur attempts to land a virtual airplane.

Spoiler alert: The simulation did go successfully. However, the new pilot seemed to have some apprehension behind answering if a person could achieve this goal in real life. After watching this, do you think that a skilled and knowledgeable person on the other side of the radio could help a newbie land an airplane?


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