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Could You Use Baby Oil as Engine Oil?

When you break down what the purpose of engine oil is, obviously, it’s used to lubricate parts in your engine, making sure that metal on metal contact doesn’t happen and that everything is able to glide smoothly while removing any sort of friction. The less friction that you find in your engine, the more likely it is to last you as long as possible. This means that if you pick out a suitable engine oil, you’re probably placing the safe bet on the idea that you’ll be able to squeeze more mileage out of your machine than if you abuse the oil that’s in it.

However, oil isn’t just any lubricant as it’s exposed to some pretty intense temperatures for a pretty long period of time. It takes a pretty special composition to be able to take a beating like that on a regular basis and be able to keep on trucking along for thousands of miles which means hours upon hours of wear and tear and intense temperatures. It kind of leads you to wonder if an engine would be able to survive with something else replacing the oil and lubricating the moving parts, perhaps, something else that hasn’t been engineered to take on such a situation.

If you follow along down in the video below from the guys over at Life OD, you’ll be able to join in on the action as this engine’s oil is replaced entirely with none other than baby oil to see how long it will last. Obviously, baby oil also has lubricating properties but would it be able to withstand the intense conditions that are going on in your engine as it just the right lubricant. It’s kind of a nail-biter as is the engine is fired up to see just how long the thing is going last.

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