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Counting Cars: The Count’s New Mobile Office!

There’s been a trend that has caught on recently where owners are giving their late model pickup trucks a retro treatment. Being an old school hot rod guy at heart, this is one of the most exciting trends I’ve seen come along in quite some time, and now it’s getting a little television coverage as well.

While most of the throwback style conversions I’ve seen take a new Silverado or Sierra and have vinyl graphics applied to match some of the more popular two-tone paint schemes from the 70’s and 80’s, The Count from Counting Cars decided to take his new Silverado a step farther and apply a fully-custom paint job that matches his classic pickup truck.

As you will see in the video below from his YouTube channel, Count first painted the truck in the beautiful red metallic paint, then laid out the flames and scallops and sprayed the flat black on top, laying down a cool pinstripe between the two to really make the graphics pop.

The truck was lowered in the front and rear and custom vintage-style wheels were built to match the original hauler to complete the transformation. The new truck looks just like the old pickup, but features all the modern accessories and features you’d expect in a new Silverado, combing the best of both worlds.

The truck serves as a daily driver, a mobile office, and a rolling business card for the Count’s shop, covering all the bases in the coolest of styles.

Have you guys seen any of these throwback-inspired trucks? If you were going to have something like this done to your ride, how would you make it unique to you and your personality? I personally want a red Sierra with a white stripe down the side like you see on the square body C-10’s from the 1980’s with some cool billet wheels that fit that era also.