Counting Down the Craziest Stunts in Pastranaland History

For those who know of Travis Pastrana, they probably know him for one reason. The ...

For those who know of Travis Pastrana, they probably know him for one reason. The masses that have followed Pastrana are lured to the name because of how crazy he is on basically anything with a set of wheels. Sometimes, this transfers over to some things that don’t have wheels as well.

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Pastrana and company even built their very own facility to allow them to go above and beyond with their stunts. At Pastranaland, anything is possible. Hopefully, you execute the stunt to perfection, though. Otherwise, coming down might hurt just a little bit more than going up did. Those ramps have a pretty wicked incline.

Over the years, we have watched as Pastrana and friends have really given us a show. No matter what the vehicle, they have put together some wicked stunts that are hard to deny.

Some of these stunts really were serious attempts and the result of lots of practice. Other stunts were just crazy in the name of being crazy. We haven’t decided which one we like better and honestly, we’re not sure that we want to choose. Watching something like a front flip is pretty satisfying. However, watching somebody stand on the back of a side-by-side launching itself into the air is also fun to watch.

Luckily, in this one, we aren’t forced to choose between the two. In the compilation video below, we follow along at Pastranaland as a couple of favorites from over the years are put together. In this video, there’s lots of high flying adrenaline so buckle that seatbelt. This one is about to go on a wild ride.

After watching a compilation like this, we can’t help but wonder what’s coming next.

If there’s one thing about this group, it’s that they always like to push the limits even further.

Stoked to join the Can-Am Off-Road team. If you’ve driven one, you agree they are the best SXS on the market. Hubert aka Everyones favorite RedNek takes care of all the machines at Pastranaland and he’s been trying to get me in a Can-Am for years. Hubert invited Dustin Jones to the house for 4th of July with his.. I was impressed. Then Ken Block showed up to Nitro World Games and talked about the Can-Am team. Ken took me for a rip around the Nitro RallyCross course in his 4 seater.. I was impressed. Hubert decided to make the switch at the end of last year so I told him to sell me on the switch so he took Casey Currie’s 2 seater and a stock four seater off the showroom floor to do a 1200 mile test trip in Baja. Literally no issues with either unit from top to bottom. I was sold. Made the call to my good friend who moved from Red Bull to take control of the marketing (ie fun shenanigans department) of Can-Am and it’s official. Happy to be with a company that is as excited as I am to push their vehicles to the limit. Hubert is stoked to have an awesome SXS and some great support to run races this year.. and that he has yet to change a single belt or axel at Pastranaland since the switch ✅ Bottom line, Can-Am makes the fastest and most durable side by sides on the market and has an awesome team of drivers to ride with. Its going to be fun and I’m stoked to be on the team! Song by my buddy Tim Montana #burrymebythebonfire Gregg DuffyNitro CircusBell HelmetsRed Bull Motorsports

Posted by Travis Pastrana on Monday, February 24, 2020

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