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Court Raided by FBI After Rob Ferretti Was Screwed by the Corrupt Court

Rob Ferretti is an underground folk hero of sorts to car-guy types across the nation. Ferretti, founder of the Super Speeders DVD collective, lives a life most of us could only dream about. When he’s not filming and editing the successful DVD series, Rob runs Gotham Dream Cars, an exotic car rental service in New York City.

Once upon a time, though, Ferretti lost a battle he never had a chance to win with a small-town New Jersey court system that was heavily stacked against him. As it sometimes does, karma took its sweet time getting around to settling this debt, and the satisfaction likely doesn’t equal the wrongdoing, but it’s better than nothing.

Ferretti got swept up in what amounted to a sting operation cracking on street racers in Ramapo New Jersey over a decade ago. While Rob admitted to often being a part of the street racing scene targeted by the crackdown, he wasn’t a participant on the night in question, but instead got lumped in with the others just by being in the vicinity while driving a Corvette. After being jerked around by the good-buddy system so often embedded in small-town courts, Ferretti was found guilty despite no existing proof of a crime. Now, the court has been raided and shuttered by the FBI due to an excess of such cases, giving Ferretti some measure of satisfaction. It’s great to see justice being served to such a corrupt system, despite leaving Rob and likely many others uncompensated for the lost money and headache they endured.