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Cracking the Code on a Locked Safe Found in an Abandoned Storage Locker

It can be pretty wild to see the kinds of treasures that can be left behind in storage units. In fact, these stories have inspired so much that we even see reality television shows have spawned from those who buy abandoned storage units. When the person responsible for the unit doesn’t pay their rent, the materials inside have to be auctioned off and potential buyers can find themselves lots of value inside.

Of course, lots of these units end up being junk-filled grenades ready to go off. We would probably say that the majority of them actually have nothing of substantial value inside. Buying one seems to be a little bit of a gamble every time. However, when that one storage unit is really worth it, it can be worth it big time.

Remember that time Elon Musk Spent $1 million to buy a car that a couple found in a storage unit?

This time, we check in with YouTuber, Taco Stacks, as he takes us through one of his storage units to sift through all of the goods that were left behind. Among them, he seems to find some things that could be resold second-hand for a couple of bucks. However, we all couldn’t help but be intrigued when he stumbled across a locked safe. There’s nothing more intriguing than seeing that something is hidden behind a lock and not really being able to know what’s inside.

By following along with the video below, we get to head inside of this adventure to crack the safe quite literally. After being able to get the unit open, what’s inside could literally be anything. It could be useless paperwork all the way up to gold bars. The only way to find out is to put on your locksmith hat and see if you can pry open the safe to reveal those contents!


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