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Craig Lieberman Breaks Down “Fast and Furious” Film Set Protest by the Locals

As some are probably aware, the next installment of the Fast and Furious saga promises to take the franchise back to its roots. As the crew has headed back to Los Angeles for at least part of the filming, it turns out that the production has stirred up some conflicting opinions. Recent reports actually tell us that some of the individuals who live near the iconic filming locations have been protesting in the streets, attempting to block filming in the process.

It seems as if their concerns are based around vehicles doing burnouts and “sideshow” displays where drivers drive recklessly. Some even say that fireworks have been launched into the air late at night while individuals create mayhem behind the wheel of their vehicles. It’s definitely a cause for the disturbance but the root of the actions is hard to pin down.

As we’ve seen time and time again, it can be difficult to draw the line between what’s actually happening and where the news might be sensationalizing things just a little bit. Therefore, to get to the bottom of this one, we turn to a reliable resource room in the automotive community. Some might know Craig Lieberman for his role in the first couple of Fast and Furious films as he helped to iron out the technical details. Since then, Lieberman has created a YouTube channel that talks about everything from the franchise.

This time, he breaks down the idea that these people have been living with sideshows for a long time and might be placing the blame in the wrong place. Is it Universal Studios’s fault that people want to act up behind the wheel and also happen to do so in these filming locations that were featured in movies that they saw or are people accountable for their own actions? If there’s somebody that we trust to draw the line in the sand, it’s Lieberman and that’s exactly what he does down in the video below.


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