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CraigsList Car Scam – Sellers BEWARE!

CraigsList Car Scam – Sellers BEWARE! 

The online flea market site, also known as Craigslist, has built quite the reputation as being both an outlet to get goods at a steeply discounted price and a gathering place for all of the scammers of the world.

Unfortunately, the guy in this video isn’t one of the most honest sellers on the web. In fact, when this guy picks up a used Mercedes-Benz, he pulls off some of the shadiest resale work that we’ve seen.

There’s nothing wrong with honestly trying to make a quick buck, but this guy goes as far as forging paperwork and lying about putting a new engine in a car that he bought with the intention of resale. Check out the video below to see his reaction when he gets caught.

This should serve as a warning to be safe next time you consider initiating a transaction online.

Here’s a Craigslist sale that you can count on!