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Crash Proof Bike Test Goes Horribly Wrong!

Crash Proof Bike Test Goes Horribly Wrong!

According to this German television broadcast, the motorcycle that you see in the picture is indeed a “crash proof” bike.

Hooked up with all kinds of cameras and sensors, the bike promises to keep the rider on the road and out of harm’s way without the rider even trying!

Now, in an epic plot twist the rider pulls into the road and is immediately plowed by an oncoming truck, showing us that this prototype isn’t exactly as crash proof as we had been promised.

Upon doing our homework, we have learned that the creators of the bike have since come forward and revealed that the video was all an elaborate hoax to raise awareness about motorcycle safety. We think that the shocking clip did quite a swell job! What do you think of the scenario?

Sorry for the german reporter, just enjoy the subtitles. The video itself we thought here at Speed Society was worth it!

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