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Crazy Dude SENDS IT! Ford Escape Catches Major Air!

If you’ve ever heard of Mark Freeman, there’s a good chance that you’ve poked around his YouTube channel where he does pretty much anything and everything that involves going above and beyond to seek out all of the adrenaline. No matter what the guys are up to, you can almost guarantee that they’re doing something that involves either high speed, big air, or combination of both amongst other different activities that really take aim at putting on a spectacle that’s a joy to watch, taking you on a dangerous ride that you’re able to spectate safely from this side of the screen.

This time, we see more of the same as they get their mitts on a poor little Ford Escape. Most of the time, the cars that these guys play around with are vehicles that appear to be beyond repair and simply are good for nothing more than really beating them on the farm and this would look to be more of the same as they go above and beyond in the name of sending this thing into the air and absolutely destroying it. There is no way that they went into this demonstration thinking that they would have anything resembling a functional vehicle when they came out on the other side of it all.

If you follow along down in the video below, you might just cringe a little bit inside as the Ford is hurled very high into the air and comes down with a thud that had to be heavily felt by that driver for quite some time after-the-fact. Heading off of a jump like that definitely requires some intense dedication so we have to give this guy a pretty big round of applause. There’s really no way for him to do this other than to shut his eyes and go for it because even if everything is going as according to plan, this one is still going to bring a world of pain.