Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Attempts “Vehicular Homicide” on Camera!

By: Jesse Kleib   January 12, 2016

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Attempts “Vehicular Homicide” on Camera!

We get the idea that breakups can be tough on a person. They might even make a person act out of character, but this kind of stuff just really makes our blood boil.

After what was apparently not the smoothest breakup in the world, this crazy ex-girlfriend is out to get her former man by damaging his property and nearly killing him! We’re sure that sitting your rear end in a jail cell for your actions will really put him in his place!

In this case, the boyfriend was smart enough to flip on a video camera and record all of the foolery to present in court as the woman in the Mercedes-Benz does her worst!

Check out the video below as she smashes windows, damages his Honda Accord, and from the uploader’s best guess, makes an attempt on his life! This is truly wild! We took the liberty of fast forwarding to the interesting part, but feel free to check out the whole thing!