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Crazy Fast Garage Built DSM Breaks Into The 7s!

When you’re trying to put together the perfect racing machine, sometimes, there is a clear-cut path to your goal but other times, it’s up to you to put together different combinations and see exactly what works, trying out some of the tried and true while stretching other areas a little bit further, trying to push certain components to the limit. When you want to go fast and build it all in your garage, that’s what it’s all about and it certainly is a lot of fun to watch as all of those long, hard hours of seemingly endless labor really come together to put the project up on a pedestal.

This time, It’s no more than 2 L of displacement that’s pushing this DSM into the 7s. This 1g is incredibly mean, using that 80mm turbo to spool its way down the track to a new personal best in the 7.50s, taking home to the victory at the DSM Shootout, as well. It has to be really satisfying feeling when you build something yourself and it makes its way around some of those who have more means to their ends. That’s definitely not taking anything away from anybody else but, anybody with eyes and an understanding of how building a car like this goes can really appreciate what they’re watching here.

That 1.28-second 60-foot time really had to feel good as all four wheels were launching in unison, pushing this incredible Eagle Talon to new heights and making some magic happen! We have to say that this thing is absolutely a ton of fun to watch as it uses all of the track to make its way to those finish line beams. Hats off to this build as it certainly has been constructed to impress and it does just that as it rips down the track, leaving many spectators at a loss for words.