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CRAZY “Hot Wheels Motor” S10 Truck

CRAZY “Hot Wheels Motor” S10 Truck

For a lot of guys reading this, you simply can’t take the inner child out of us as many of us continue to play with cars until the day that we die.

This time, we check out a blown Chevrolet S10 truck that takes us back to our roots and makes us remember what got us looking at cars in the first place- our first Hot Wheels.

With an engine and supercharger combo that’s about the size of the truck that it sits in, this wild combination looks like a diecast that you could find in the toy aisle! Oh yeah, it hauls ass, too!

Check out the wild looking Pro Street truck in the video below as it throws down at the 2015 Street Machine Shootout at Ozark Raceway Park.

Check out this killer S10 below that uses an 8-second pass to become the fastest stock bottom end LS!


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