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Crazy Kids Hang From Bus – Wait ‘Til They Get Caught

Crazy Kids Hang From Bus – Wait ‘Til They Get Caught

When we were kids, we have to admit that we probably took some risks that we shouldn’t have. It’s all a part of being a young person.

These two eastern European kids, however stretch that understanding of “oh, they’re just kids” to all new lengths as they hang off of the back of a moving bus!

We aren’t sure if they were doing it for the free bus ride or if they just wanted a thrill out of the situation as they cling on for their lives and immediately scatter when the bus comes to a stop.

Check out the video below as a nearby driver caught the risky teens on their dashcam and followed them to the closest bus stop. They got away this time, but you never know what could happen next!

It’s a tight fit for this charter bus below in a rock tunnel.



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