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Crazy Man Steals Cop Car Then Streams Entire Police Chase Live On Facebook

In this day and age, there are many who will argue that social media has changed the way that human beings act on a regular basis. Because people on social platforms have that audience now and know that there’s a potential to have more of an audience and attention, some folks may act out in ways that you would have never imagined before. While it might be hard to prove the motive behind anything, it really looks like the attention provided by social media, more specifically a Facebook live stream, was enough for this man to head out on his down time and steal a police car. No, this isn’t a scene from The Hangover, this person was actually dumb enough to live stream his time with a stolen police car.

On Halloween night of 2016, a Tulsa, Oklahoma police officer left behind her keys in her car as she would go on a quick coffee break. Moments later, this opportunistic bystander by the name of John Pinney would hop behind the wheel and take police on a chase that they said would last for about 40 minutes and reach speeds of 120 mph. Meanwhile, he would make sure to keep on live streaming the entire thing from the officer’s iPad. Needless to say, eventually, Pinney would be apprehended and arrested right near his residence.

Sources say that he was charged with multiple crimes including possession of a firearm is a felon. After an event like this, I’m sure that it will be some time before this guy ends up seeing the light of day again. When he comes down off of this bender, I have a feeling that he’s going to probably be pretty regretful of this whole ordeal, especially when he gets to the point of seeing the consequences that come about from it.

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