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Crazy Man Steals Rental Corvette, Freaks Out When Rental Company Repos It

For most of us, we know the deal with rental cars. When it comes to something like a Chevrolet Corvette that was rented out previously, it might not be the best purchase. It always seems like rental cars get the short end of the stick. Some folks just don’t have common decency or respect. A quick browse around YouTube will show lots of videos where rental cars are being used and abused.

Now, we know that rentals are loaned out to all sorts of different people. It’s almost impossible to truly know who was going to end up with a car like this in their possession. In this particular case, we follow along with what might just be one of the craziest car scenarios that we’ve ever seen.

The fact that the Corvette in question here was pretty trashed is only the beginning. From what we can tell, the front splitter was destroyed and the windshield was shattered. How someone can manage to do that much damage with a three-day rental is beyond us. In addition, it would appear as if the person who rented this car had no intention of bringing it back immediately. Either that or someone else ended up in possession of the car who shouldn’t have had it. In either case, it was more than 24 hours delinquent.

After following the GPS on the Corvette, it would lead to a man who was really not looking to let go of the car. Before long, he becomes confrontational. That’s just the beginning of when things began to unravel. Before we know it, the situation gets very real and this man is trying to get his drugs out of the car before asking for a ride home with the guys who repossessed it. This is the kind of stuff that you simply can’t make up.