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These Crazy Mega Truck Drivers Threw Down Some Epic Flips

The carnage from some of these backflips is incredible, but when you see a Mega truck actually nail a backflip, you can understand what would drive these guys to push so hard and risk their trucks – and in some cases their safety – to try to hit the gnarliest of tricks. For those who don’t know, Mega trucks are basically what Monster Trucks would be if the guys who wanted to build a monster truck had to build them at home themselves. They’re huge, they’re loud, and they’re powerful, but they’re also constantly on the edge of breakage and when things go wrong, it’s usually in pretty spectacular fashion, as you will see in this video from our partners over at Busted Knuckle Films.

To give you an idea of what to look for, it seems a properly executed backflip requires the perfect mix of timing, power, and angles. Most of these backflip ramps have a vertical wall that pushes the front end back over the rear end, which is what rotates the truck around it’s pivot point and actually causes it to flip. If you hit the throttle too soon coming in, the truck just drives straight up the wall, with the front end not getting that kick it needs to rotate.

Hit the throttle too late, and you don’t get the height and speed needed to make a full rotation and land back on your wheels. But hit it just right, and the nose will arc beautifully back over the rear end, landing back on the wheels and hopefully not damaging the suspension. Of course, when you’re talking about some pretty heavy trucks flying through the air and literally landing with all their weight back on some relatively small suspension parts, things are bound to come from together, and that’s why even when these guys land their flips, things can still be broken. But when you hear the roar of the crowd and feel that first successfully landed flip, I can only imagine it’s a feeling like few others in the off-roading world, so that must be what keeps these guys coming back time and again.

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Posted by Mega Mud Trucks on Friday, March 15, 2019

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