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Crazy Old Man Rips on His 1967 Fastback Mustang Like a Boss

We often preach about driving cars like they were intended to be driven, but rarely do we see guys literally doing so, especially in a car like this gorgeous ’67 Mustang! Sure, there is plenty of footage of young kids acting foolish in their Civics and such, but this is a car that we’d actually probably take it easy on just because of how gorgeous it is. Or maybe we wouldn’t, because it runs and sounds so great, plus it’s a manual, so that ups the fun factor by about 1,000%!

We don’t know all of the details about the car, but we do know that it’s a naturally aspirated Ford 342 CID stroker backed by a four speed top loader transmission. You can see peeks of the roll cage in the car, so it’s obviously built with the intention of going fast. Couple all of that with the driver’s pretty solid driving and you have the makings of a great afternoon of fun.

I’m sure there are some of you out there thinking the shifts sound a little slow, and you’d be right, but what you also need to take into consideration is that the throw on a transmission in a car like this is probably twice as long as that in a modern and usually narrower, so keep that in mind before you go slamming the driver’s abilities. I’ve driven a four speed car from the sixties – my brother’s 427-powered ’68 Camaro – and can definitely vouch for the shifter being much harder to power shift. Plus, this guy is just out here having fun, he’s not on the track trying to extract every ounce of performance.

It looks like this guy is in California, maybe we could get him to bring this gorgeous ‘Stang by and let us check it out someday. Maybe we could even strap it down onto our Mustang dyno and see what kind of power that all-motor bullet is putting down!


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