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CRAZY Rolls Royce Merlin Motor on Wheels!

CRAZY Rolls Royce Merlin Motor on Wheels!

If you had access to a v12 engine generally found under the hood of a Rolls Royce with nowhere to put it, what would you do with it? That was the challenge these guys came up against and their solution, well that part leaves us with a few questions.

Instead of using it in another Rolls Royce or swapping it into a car to make a cool hot rod, they simply made an engine on wheels!

We’re not sure what they were going for on this one, or even how this rig functions, but what we are sure of is that it fires up and this thing is loud! Is it remote controlled? Is it simply a showpiece? You fill in the blanks!

This diesel throwdown has two heavyweights going at it for brand supremacy!



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