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Crazy Secret Parking Garage – Millions Worth of Cars in Tokyo

Imagine walking through a crowded city like Tokyo, when all of a sudden, you stumble across a parking garage and make your way inside. Now, once you make your way in, you quickly discover that this isn’t just any garage filled with cars that people are using to get to and from work on a regular basis. It’s something way more than that.

This time, we check out the adventures of this filmer who appears to have found his way into such a garage that’s filled with millions upon millions of dollars in cars that just keep going on. As he keeps walking, it’s just one breathtaking car after another and it really leads you to wonder where all these amazing machines came from!

As the tour continues, it’s really hard to pick out one of these machines as a favorite as custom Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Ferrari, and Bentley creations all are hibernating under one roof. You’d be inclined to think that the value of all of these vehicles combined is probably more than the net worth of some cities!

Check out the video below that tours one of the most lavish collections of vehicles that you will ever lay your eyes on. I would invite you to try and pick out a favorite but with the overwhelming amount of vehicles in this collection, that might just be a fool’s errand.