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Creating a Self-Propelled Electric Surfboard for the Ultimate Commute

There are some people who could be locked in a workshop with materials and tools and will come up with absolutely nothing. At the end of the day, there are different strokes for different folks and while some prefer to work with their hands, others would be an absolute mess if they were asked to create just about anything.

For those who do boast the skill set of being both handy and creative, YouTube is really their playground.

The platform has given rise to a lot of creators who just have different ideas they want to try out. Before everything was available on the internet, it would’ve probably been nearly impossible to get any attention to a project like this. However, now that social media video platforms do exist, the idea has even stood to inspire others.

As a disclaimer, here, should this project inspire you, we would probably recommend avoiding mixing electricity and water if you don’t have full confidence in what you’re doing, though.

However, for RCLifeOn, they very much seem to have full confidence in their concept. Essentially, this one combines the features of a couple of different pre-existing inventions. On one hand, we have the surfboard and on the other, essentially, an overpowered remote control boat. When both of them come together in perfect harmony, we have an electric surfboard that can be controlled by a remote control.

In the video below, we get to see how exactly a project like this comes together and what it looks like in motion. We do get a test of the unit that actually shows a major promise. However, as with any first-time test, it looks to need a couple of improvements and might’ve broken a component or two.

Nonetheless, this thing is pretty awesome to watch come together and it really creates ideas of how something like this might be rather useful. For those who live near the water, just imagine the ability to hop on a surfboard and drive it to work in the morning.