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Show Stopping PreRunner Makes Use of I-beam Chevy Crew Cab Square Body.

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on June 20, 2021

When it comes to creating the perfect custom machine, there really is no roadmap. The fun part of looking at all of the custom creations around the community is that they are all different and unique. Depending on the creator’s vision and execution of that vision, a custom creation can really pop off the canvas. When all of this comes together in just the right quantity, things really tend to get rather interesting.

This time, we tune in with a truck that practically pops right off of the screen. This machine was built by a company by the name of Griffen Fab Works. While the concept itself isn’t anything new, the way their twist on it certainly is. We have seen tons of custom PreRunners built before. However, it is very rare that we see them built on a crew cab chassis. In turn, using an old school square body Chevrolet pickup is also pretty uncommon. Therefore, we would say that this is probably as close to a one-of-one creation as a creator could possibly get. We’re loving every second of it!

In order to bring it to life, the concept wasn’t the only factor in the equation. Anyone could think up something like this and tosses something together. However, the way that Griffen Fab Works followed through was nothing short of amazing.

In fact, this thing is so nice that we’re not even sure that we would have the courage to actually take it off-road, even though we’re sure it would do so with flying colors.

By following along with the video below, we get the opportunity to check out this amazing machine. From top to bottom, it looks like no stone was left unturned in the pursuit of perfection. The result is something that we could stare at for hours!


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