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Crews Work To Restore Power Lines After The Carr Fire

We know that this isn’t exactly “Speed” related, but it certainly deserves our respect and to be shared with our awesome audience of gearheads, whom we feel can appreciate exactly what is going on in this epic video.

While the wildfire known as the Carr Fire – so named for its origin near Carr Powerhouse Rd near French Gulch, CA – still burns, crews have moved into areas that have been left charred by the wildfire to begin recovery. Repairing the power grid is one of the most urgent steps in speeding recovery, so these line workers have started doing just that, and as you can clearly see, these guys are wasting no time in stringing up new power lines. To speed the process as much as possible, they brought in a chopper to drag miles of new lines along the new towers, with the pilot showing skills that are just absolutely jaw-dropping in his precision and speed.

While watching the video, we ask that you send prayers and positive vibes to those affected by the Carr Fire, currently listed as the sixth most-destructive fire in California history. So far, the fire has claimed the lives of eight people, including three firefighters working to contain or battle the blaze.

Along with the fatalities, the fire has destroyed nearly 300,000 acres and over 1,600 buildings, of which nearly 1,100 were residential. The blaze even managed to spread across the Sacramento River and continue spreading toward the town of Redding, where it spawned an intense “fire tornado” that claimed the life of one of the eight victims mentioned previously. The phenomenon combined two of nature’s most fearsome forces into one and wreaked havoc on the area, destroying homes and causing the fire to spread farther and faster.

Crews have the blaze 91% contained but are still working to completely control the situation as the fire nears the one-month mark in its duration. We hope to see news soon that the spread has stopped and everybody affected can begin rebuilding. If these crews have their way, they’ll have the power to help with the long process.