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Crown Vic on 30 Inch Rims Shockingly Rockets Down The Track

What it comes to drag racing, conventional wisdom would tell us that the fastest cars out there on the track have a small set of wheels with big and meaty tires that are designed to grab as much traction as possible to make the car rocket down the lanes in the most efficient manner that it can.

This Ford Crown Victoria breaks straight through everything that’s conventional as it heads out to the drag strip on none other than 30-inch wheels with a set of tires that look as thin as rubber bands! It might not look the part but it certainly does play the role of racing machine well!

With the help of a little bit of nitrous, this beast of a machine manages to plow its way down the track to some impressive passes. With those skinny tires, you would think that the car would be all over the place while trying to lay the power down but quite the opposite is true when you see it in action. This thing really plants and rolls without much issue.

Check out the video of the unlikely hero down below that will probably take you by surprise. If you want to talk about a sleeper, this car most certainly delivers that title in a shining package! It’d be interesting to see how this thing holds up in some grudge racing!