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Carnival cruise ship’s wake destroys docks sending boats everywhere

We knew that cruise ships were big but darn, this cruise ship managed to completely dismember an entire marina all without even coming into direct contact with the area.

As this Carnival cruise ship was leaving port, the waves proved to be too much for this small Italian marina that would meet the waves in a crumbling fashion as docks shifted and even pushed several boats under the surface of the water in the wake.

Surveillance footage shows all as the waves completely annihilate everything that resembles a marina without even making an effort! Imagine coming back to your boat to find that it has been completely taken under the water with the pier!

Check out the video below that shows all of the destruction. You can’t help but feel for the people involved in the carnage. Thankfully, nobody was injured and authorities are now investigating the situation. Hopefully somebody here had insurance.


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